The shocking true story of the largest & deadliest man made disaster in US history -- the nuclear sized explosions on April 16, 1947 -- and the ordinary people who became extraordinary heroes that fateful day.


My grandfather, Jesse Thames, was a proud citizen and business owner in Texas City, Texas.  He believed deeply in Texas City and it's tremendous potential. He wanted it to be an economic engine of Texas, and the entire Southern US.  When the explosions happened on April 16th 1947, my grandfather went from husband, father, and businessman to hero (and he wasn't the only one), saving people's lives, and further, desperately attempting to rescue a town that now would never become the place he envisioned it to be.  The horrific events that unfolded that day ultimately drew out the best in people, and proved in his eyes that "when the chips are down, humanity is basically good and decent."  He certainly was.  I made him repeat the Texas City story to me hundreds of times, and this project is dedicated to him, my grandmother, all the survivors, and especially those who perished in the largest man made disaster in US history.  

This is Texas City.

*We strive to employ military veterans during all phases of the production of this film.



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